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Check Up saves lives

What is a check up?

The screening, or check-up, is a set of diagnostic tests that allow us to see the general state of our health. For some of us it may seem like an unpleasant process, but it is very important to do it at regular intervals to check for possible health problems.

Why is it important?

The main reason that makes preventive examinations especially important, is because they enable the doctor to detect a health problem in time, increasing the chances of treatment and at the same time protecting against bigger problems!

Also, a large number of people get sick from some disease without knowing it, ignoring the messages that the body sends every day. With a simple check-up, diseases such as type 2 diabetes and breast cancer can be diagnosed and treated early.

What does it include and what frequency?

There are general guidelines for when tests need to be done, which are for healthy people without specific predisposing factors.

For ages up to 40 years every 2-3 years

For ages 40+ per year

In any case, your doctor is the one who will tell you which tests you should do, but also how often to do them.

Examples of exams performed at a check-up include:

  • Hematological during which blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides), sugar, etc. are checked.
  • General urine for the detection of diseases related to the urinary system
  • Cardiology including cardiogram and ultrasound of the heart (depending on the age of the patient)
  • PSA test for prostate index in men over 40 with a family history, otherwise recommended after 50 years.
  • For women from the age of 35 onwards, mammography and uterine ultrasound should be included, while after the end of menopause they should be performed every year.

Finally, it is important to transfer as much information as you can to your doctor, about the medical history (individual & family), so that he can adjust the examination accordingly.


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