Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruf Dry Shampoo 400ml


Anti-dandruff shampoo that restores the balance in the microbiome of the scalp.

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The new anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair of the Dercos series, with a unique fragrance and extremely creamy and rich foam, immediately fights the problem of dandruff. 100% elimination of visible dandruff. *

For men and women with symptoms of dandruff and / or itching. For dry hair

Product Efficiency:

Selenium DS * microbiome technology that has been proven to restore balance in the microbiome, a set of microorganisms found in the scalp.

Immediate and total cleansing of the scalp: dandruff removal, exfoliation regulation.

Proven consumer effectiveness:

– Offers immediate and visible efficiency: 96%

– Prevents the recurrence of dandruff: 92%

– Soothes the scalp: 97%

– Shows to be more effective than dandruff products known to date: 91%

100% elimination of visible dandruff.

Soothes itching.

Action against recurrence for 6 weeks.

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