Korres Aftershave Blue Sage 125ml


Μη λιπαρό γαλάκτωμα για τη φροντίδα μετά το ξύρισμα.

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Γαλακτωμα για μετα το ξυρισμα, μη λιπαρό γαλάκτωμα για τη φροντίδα μετά το ξύρισμα. Φρέσκο, ξυλώδες και γλυκό. Με αρωματικές νότες από μέντα, patchouli και φασκόμηλο.Warding o evil, expelling negative energies, cleansing sacred spaces, increasing erotic desire; sage, the king of herbs for ancient greeks and romans, imparts wisdom and knowledge. A powerful plant with healing properties and a sweet scent. Lime tree, or “moscholemonia“, which in greek means the lemon tree that smells beautifully. Lime tree is the tree of gods’ love; myth has it that the leaves of this aegean island tree, o ered immortality. A sacred tree to the moon and the ancient druids who felt that fir tree stood for hope. Beautifully shaped with a distinct fresh, green aroma that combines woody and sweet notes.

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