Korres Aftershave Mountain Pepper 125ml


Μη λιπαρό γαλάκτωμα για τη φροντίδα μετά το ξύρισμα.

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Γαλακτωμα για μετα το ξυρισμα, μη λιπαρό γαλάκτωμα για τη φροντίδα μετά το ξύρισμα. Φρέσκο και αναζωογονητικό. Με αρωματικές νότες από πορτοκάλι, πιπέρι και musk.Top notes: orange, litsea cubeba, bergamot heart notes: pepper, rosemary, rose base notes: musk, moss, amber mountain pepper, a fresh smelling, rejuvenating essential oil deriving from the tree’s fruits, a sweeter and finer take on the lemon scent, o ers a sharp and uplifting accord. Bergamot; a fruit of contrasts, known as the prince of pears associated with long summer evening walks through mediterranean groves even though it is a winter blossoming tree, bergamot with its bitter sweet notes, is crisp and spicy, warm and brisk. Coriander – the secret seed of immortality, happiness and love in ancient times, coriander has a woody aura. Appreciated by the greeks as early as the second millennium bc, coriander, was cultivated for fragrance making.

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